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Festivals & Outdoor Concerts

Festival is a very very widely used and broad term, it can be a local community festival attracting a few thousand people, to nationally or internationally acclaimed festivals attracting six figure audiences.

We at Bars 4 Events understand this and look at each festival as an individual event, and tailor your festival bar or bars to suit your event rather than assume that every festival is the same. We like to work with organisers to help make their event the talk of the community they are aimed at, to hopefully assist future ticket sales and revenue for all concerned.

We can work with yourselves, promoters, sponsors to deliver festival bar services to suit your event, whether that be a bar serving a range of products or separate branded/promo bars.

Please give us a call on 07875 740664 or 07770 666437 to discuss your event/festival in more detail or submit your query using our enquiry form.