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Steam Rallies & Country Shows

Bars 4 Events was booked to do its first steam rally bar in 2005. Since then we have put mobile bars into various steam rallies and country shows around the UK, and pride ourselves in having always been booked for the following year’s rally/show, every time!

We work closely with organisers/committees to put in a mobile bar or mobile bars that are the right size, have the right stock and number of staff to facilitate the size of the steam rally or country show.

Our friendly bar team are trained to serve the public quickly so that they can get back to enjoying the show rather than spending half the day in a queue for a pint!

We have realised that at these events there are two clear customer bases; the public and the exhibitors. And through this have developed the B-Card membership scheme! This gives exhibitors a discounted price list for the entire event. We are well aware as you the organisers/committee are, that with no exhibitors there is no event. And so unlike other companies have chosen to treat them as VIP’s! We now have a few thousand members, all of which look at us fondly as their mobile local pub, and so, understandably, now prefer to exhibit at shows where they can drink down their "local!" Once someone becomes a member – the membership is for life!

Don’t just take our word for it, please look at our testimonials page to see what other event organisers say about Bars 4 Events.

Please contact us to discuss your show in more detail and how we can help on 07875 740664 or 07770 666437 or submit your query using our enquiry form.